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Roasted Red Pepper Dip Video Recipe

My friend Scott of Fat Loss Quickie demonstrated what he calls a yummy healthy snack dip on video and I wanted to share it with you.

I have not tried this and to be completely transparent – I’m not at all sure I will! LOL!  I’m not a fan of red peppers and don’t believe I’ve ever tried Eggplant.  Am I a wimp? You betcha!

Watch the video for the drop dead easy recipe and demonstration:

Cake Mix in Your Waffle Iron?

Can you really do that?  I’ve seen some delicious images of chocolate waffles lately and the creators are saying that they’re simply using cake mix in their waffle irons.  I’m wondering if there’s any big fault to this or if it really works?

Since I’m on the verge of buying a waffle iron – I’m very curious about it!

Imagine the possibilities… chocolate waffles alone are exciting to dream about but imagine making waffles with lemon cake mix, spice cake mix, etc!

Does anybody have any real life experience with this?

I Want This In My Kitchen: Rotating Waffle Iron

I rarely ever order waffles in a restaurant, but when I’m staying in a hotel that offers a continental breakfast I am a sucker for those ‘make it yourself’ waffle irons.  I love how fast and easy it is to make your own waffle and they taste delicious!

I’ve decided that this is a gadget that my kitchen really deserves to have so I went looking today and found this Cuisinart Waffle Maker.

What do you think?  Do you have one?  I’d love to hear opinions!

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