Buzz A Mom: Stephanie Elie!


Oh is this fun!  Aren’t these Buzz A Mom’s interesting!?!  It is really amazing to see how different moms accomplish all they do with all they have on their plate.  It’s inspiring and motivating all at the same time, isn’t it?

Our Buzz a Mom this week is Stephanie Elie, The Bizzie Mommy.  Stephanie is a wife, mom of two, entrepreneur (two jobs) and blogger (two blogs).  She considers herself to be a non-cook.  No wonder – she’s The Bizzie Mommy!

stephanie-elieQ: As a Bizzie Mommy, how do you manage the grocery shopping, menu planning and meal preparation in your family?

If you asked me this a week ago I would say our menu planning consisted of picking up the phone and ordering Chinese, Mexican or picking up Chipotle. My children love almost any dish with rice. But this week we are committed to cooking healthy meals for each other and the kids. This Sunday we went grocery shopping together and even cooked several dishes that night together. It was really great. My husband usually turns to me for the cooking duties, but this time he helped out. I’m hoping this continues.

Q: Do you enjoy your time in the kitchen? Do you have any shortcuts or tips for eating healthy and saving money for busy moms?

Overall I love cooking, but with my busy schedule and the kids running around I can never seem to fit it in. We usually don’t get home until after 6:30 so we are usually scrambling to put a dish together. I have discovered that if we cook in bulk over the weekend it makes it so much easier. We also will pick up dinners from Super Suppers every now and then. Super Suppers are freshly prepared all you have to do is cook them.

Q: What are your family favorite meals? What are your kids’ favorite snacks?

We are all picker eaters in this household so finding something everyone enjoys is a chore. As a family we eat a lot of chicken and rice. My husband’s favorite meal is Chinese Style Tilapia, my kids will eat almost anything with rice or French fries and I love anything that I didn’t have to cook!

Q: What is your favorite “mommy” treat?

My favorite mommy treat, I have to list two because it depends on the mood. I love chocolate chip cookies; you can usually satisfy a sweet tooth after two. The other is an Apple Martini; my husband makes the best Apple Martini’s.

Thank you Stephanie for a great interview.  Now how can we arrange to have your husband fix some Chinese Style Tilapia and Apple Martinis for dinner???  When she’s not sipping Apple Martinis, you will find Stephanie at The Bizzie Mommy, Think Organic Baby, and Lala Baby Boutique.

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