Meal Planning Shmeal Shmanning

Am I the only mom on earth who doesn’t spend time meal planning?

Yes, I do make a shopping list – but to be honest – a lot of my grocery store purchases are impulse based.  I’m influenced by product specials, store coupons and however hungry I am when I’m shopping.

So here’s my top five reasons to avoid meal planning…

  • Meal planning robs you of spontaneity and being spontaneous keeps you young.
  • That last minute trip to the grocery gives you some alone time.
  • Your 12 year old likes to show of his pancake flipping skills.
  • Kids like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner.
  • How else will you get hubby to take the family out?

Of course, there are good reasons to create a meal plan, so check out these great links for help:

What about you?  Do you meal plan?

Beautiful Jello

Mashed Potatoes by Martha and Snoop

Mashed Potatoes and Martha Stewart are like peas and carrots, but adding a little Snoop to the mix….you’ve got to see this!


I LOVE My Thighs…A Mantra To Cure Cabin Fever!

Note to Self...NO midrift bearing shirts!

I read an interesting article today at WAHM2.0 about Cabin Fever and it got me thinking…I SO have cabin fever when it comes to my eating habits! I’m obsessed with getting some “Spring” into my life, BUT I’m not ready to roll out the Bermuda shorts just yet.   Why???  It’s a little problem I like to refer to as “THUNDER THIGHS”!  Does anyone else have this problem??

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Mardi Gras Madness

WARNING: if you’re squeamish STOP reading! (If you don’t WANT to read but can’t stop your curiosity, consider yourself warned!)

Although I’ve lived in a lot of places during my life, I consider Louisiana to be home. However, since our Exodus due to Hurricane Katrina, we haven’t had the heart to spend a lot of time back home. This is due to several reasons: nothing to go back to, family spread out all over the country, etc.

The biggest reason truthfully is that it simply hurt too much.

But, since time does heal some wounds, we decided to do Mardi Gras this year with our little family. My DH and I decided that we wanted our boys to have some fond memories (as we do) of family, friends and FOOD! So, sit back and indulge me as I digress…

Aside from the King Cakes in the stores and everything in sight being draped with purple, green and gold, nothing signals the advent of Mardi Gras as do crawfish. (That’s “crawdads” to y’all Yankees out there!)

3lbs Louisiana Boiled Crawfish

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