Hot New Kitchen Gift Ideas for 2012

The holiday lights are up, the days are getting shorter, and it’s time for holiday shopping!  Here are the Family Foodies best picks for kitchen gift ideas.  Whether you are shopping for friends, family, or even for yourself, these gifts make the grade!

Great Gadgets

Do you love using your tablet to find new recipes?  Hate the thought of getting it dirty in the kitchen, or have trouble reading the screen while cooking?  Then try the Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand for Tablets (around $39.99).  The chef stand is designed to hold your tablet securely in place, angled perfectly for reading.  The magnetic tipped stylus allows you to navigate the tablet even when your hands are dirty, and when not in use it’s stored securely on the chef stand.  Stand and stylus are both hand washable for easy cleanup when the cooking is done.

If you love the convenience of microwave popcorn, you will love the Presto Power Pop Microwave Multi-Popper ($17.99 on Amazon).  This handy device allows you to make microwave popcorn from regular popcorn kernels.  Not only is homemade microwave popcorn healthier than the packaged microwave popcorn, you can dress it up any way you want.  The Microwave Multi-Popper makes up to three quarts of popcorn at a time with no butter or oil required.  You control the ingredients!  Best of all – the bowl is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

While the next item isn’t technically a gadget, I love the vintage look and feel of this exclusive Christmas Platter from Williams-Sonoma, priced at $39.95.  The holly leaves and berries bordered in cherry red evoke the image of an old fashioned post-card.  Made of durable earthenware, the platter is both microwave and dishwasher safe, making it perfect for holiday entertaining.

Best For Baking

Homemade donuts are a hot trend for 2012, so we have not one, but TWO options for gifts that help you make your own donuts.

Make your own homemade donuts right on your counter top with the Mini Electric Donut Maker, priced at $39.95.  You can bake one dozen grease free donuts in under five minutes, then wipe clean.  A fork and cooling rack are included with the donut maker.  This is a great option for bakers who don’t like to heat up the kitchen.

Check Out Mini Donut Makers on Amazon!

Donuts and coffee are natural partners.  Williams-Sonoma is offering a Coffee and Donuts Gift Set, including a donut pan, donut baking mix, and custom coffee blend for $49.95.  The non-stick carbon steel donut pan bakes a dozen donuts at a time, but cleans up easily.  The organic baking mix makes up to three dozen donuts, while the coffee blend sings with notes of honey and chocolate – perfect for the holidays!

If cake or bread baking is your passion, try this Pop Out Round Cake Panby celebrity chef Curtis Stone, retailing for $29.95 each.  The pans are an innovative combination of silicone and steel, which provides even browning and prevents warping even at high heats, but releases easily with a “pop” on the bottom of the pan.  Stone’s line features round cake pans, six hole muffin pans, and loaf pans.  The only drawback – hand washing is recommended.

Speaking of silicone, no holiday baking wish list would be complete without a mention of Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat  (about $24 each) and Roul’Pat Countertop Mats (about $43 each).  The Silpat mats make baking a dream, offering a reusable non-stick baking surface the ensures even browning and no sticky mess.  The Roul’Pat Countertop mats offer the same non-stick effectiveness for rolling out dough and pie crusts, or even working chocolate.

Better Beverages

Green tea lovers will really enjoy the Primula Flowering Tea Set ($22.59), which comes with a clear borosilicate glass pot with a package of 12 green tea flowers for brewing.  Each flower can be reused up to three times, making 15 cups of tea per flower.  Plus you get the relaxing effect of watching the flower unfurl in the clear glass pot as your tea steeps to perfections.

Coffee lovers who are discriminating on temperature as well as taste will flip for the Cuisinart 12-Cup Extreme Brew Elite Coffee Maker ($139.95 at Williams-Sonoma).  You choose between two strengths and three temperatures for your ultimate pot of coffee.  This coffee maker brews 25% faster than most other models, and comes with a reusable filter – so it’s easy and green!

If smoothies are more your style, remember that we love the Magic Bullet.  It would make a great gift for any single foodie on your Christmas list this year.

We here at Family Foodies hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for friends and loved ones on your holiday shopping list!


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Mama’s Little Kitchen Helper Never Interrupts Or Asks A Million Questions

Mama’s little kitchen helpers, better known as my secret weapons, make a tremendous difference in my ability to quickly prepare scrumptious meals much more easily.

My personal cache of little kitchen helpers, a/k/a my secret weapons, is kept in the basement closet in a giant plastic tub with lid purchased at Target. Perfect. There is just not enough room in a small kitchen for the whole arsenal. This arrangement works well, I know where all the ammo is kept and never have to rifle through all the drawers or guess where to find the things I need. Bulls-eye!

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