We Love The Magic Bullet

Here at Family Foodies we are all about the fast and simple when it comes to time spent in the kitchen. As a single mom with a single son, I rarely cook for large groups and love easy recipes.  I aim for simple meals and skip anything that calls for making a mess.

I don’t have a big food processor. I’ve personally never had anything fancier than a cheap electric mixer and a standard blender.  I never expected to be tempted into buying anything else – until I heard about the Magic Bullet.

I realize the Magic Bullet has been around for quite awhile but I only recently had my eyes opened to it.  It’s a small family unit’s kitchen tool dream come true.  Perfect for preparing one or two servings, the Magic Bullet is super easy to use and never makes a mess.

This is the Magic Bullet set I bought.

The first recipe I tried with my Magic Bullet is right here:  Low Carb Cream Cheese Pancakes.


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